Michael Hinds Digital Media Journey

This is a culmination of my work throughout my Introduction to Digital Media (7361) class in the Spring of 2017

My Digital Image Project

In this project we were tasked with creating a banner and icon that encouraged a positive parenting theme. I chose the image of the father/daughter, as well as the image of the man with his children because I thought they fit the theme of a parent spending quality time with their child. For my icon I also stuck with the image of the father/daughter.

My final image is of my friend Jimmy wearing a scary mask with some filters added to the image.

Final Banner Image

Final Icon

Final Image Edit

My Digital Audio Project

For this project we were tasked with manipulating and editing an audio track and including a voiceover to go with it. I chose some royalty free music and was unsure what to say within the clip so I just gave credit to the music provider. I used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit my audio because I was familiar with using it from a previous audio/video class I had taken. If you're interested in downloading the audio, please click the arrow on the right side of the player. Thank you!

My Digital Video Project

For this project we were tasked with capturing and editing digital video. I ended up procrastinating so I was not able to capture my own video, however I found some good footage and created a video around the theme of studying. Once I found the footage I needed, I found an audio track that had a mellow beat that I felt matched my overall theme. I used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit this again due to the previous knowledge I talked about. Enjoy!

Project 3 Video Download